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John Gartner , Owner

John Gartner’s Major Floor Care Story I grew up on a dairy and livestock farm in western Minnesota. I attended a small Catholic school (only about 300 students in the whole school, grades 1-12). I began doing floor maintenance when I was just 15 years old during school vacations. I assisted “Lawrence” (the custodian) as he stripped & recoated the VCT Floors, refinishing wood floors and cleaning carpets. I never thought it would ever lead to a floor maintenance business in the future!

After my formal education, I worked at a place called BINION’S Horseshoe in Las Vegas, as a Union Stewart, I was also in the construction industry doing interior remodel on older homes, new construction residential and commercial. I returned to Minnesota and was the owner/operator for my grain & livestock farm business. I’ve also held the position of sales executive in both the real estate residential and commercial market and did sales in the furniture industry.

I’ve owned & operated my commercial floor maintenance company starting by doing strictly office buildings. I then later added my residential floor maintenance company to the roster. As the current business began growing, I followed the advice my high school principal had once given me. Father Brunner said: “John, whatever business profession you decide to get into, give it your 110%, be a perfectionist, build relationships, associate yourself with the finest and never be satisfied with mediocre”. Those words became permanently implanted in my mind and have become the cornerstone of my attitude to this day. Through intense lectures, hands on training and exams, I’ve earned certifications in: carpet cleaning, wood floor care & maintenance, porcelain tile care, marble, terrazzo & natural stone care, also rubber linoleum and vinyl flooring. I have completed courses in: quarry, ceramic, concrete floor care, water damage restoration and even a seminar on bloodborne pathogens!

I am “hungry” to be the best cleaner ever, anywhere! I have been working toward my “Master Cleaner” status for some time now, which is the equivalent of a Masters degree in

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any other profession. I’m also a very active participant in an International Floor Cleaning, Mastermind and Mentoring Organization. This group contains the top 150 most elite floor cleaners in the U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Australia and the U.K. Major Floor Care was established in 1997, with a promise to give each and every client 110%! Looking back on our workmanship in your home or business, we are very proud indeed that we did everything possible to clean your furnishings to the best of our ability. Quality and personal service is something that we feel is very important! The pride in our workmanship, which began over 9 years ago, still exists within our company today. Flowing from that foundation is the honesty, integrity, and fairness that enables us to boast about our returning clientele. We want you as a client for life! We want you to have a thorough knowledge about cleaning and fabrics. Not only do we understand the importance of getting the most value from the large investments inside your home but the importance of clean furnishings from a health perspective as well.

My hobby and love to travel with my family for fun and to discover things and places that I have never seen or done before. We have been blessed with the ability to travel and visit 37 states, and 4 countries over the years

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Major Floor Care Specialist “Nick” Lefils' Life Story…By Nicholas Lefils

I was born in West Point, Mississippi When I was young, my family moved to southwest Orlando, As I was growing up I helped in my family owned & operated Golf Accessory Retail Store on international Dr. It also helped me develop one of my favorite activities, playing golf.

I attended St Andrews Catholic Elementary School, Dr Philips High School, Gordon College, Valencia College, UCF and finished at SAMU, my favorite part of school was being a part of the Dr Phillips baseball team. My favorite family activities were being on the water fishing, boating and water skiing, I still have a love for being on the water.

I had worked for 2 different Carpet cleaning before coming to work for John in 2003, my first Short lived experience was working for what I would call a carpet scam Operation, the owner had advertised unrealistic low prices that we could never honor, all we did was upset the customer and there was no such thing as a repeat customer. I was smart enough to get out of that one quick.

My second experience was much better. That’s when we were encouraged to get our certifications and I studied and earned my certifications in Carpet, and upholstery cleaning. Water Restoration and mold mediation. I worked my way up to customer service representative and managed a group of cleaning technicians in a multi truck operation which I really enjoyed.

Then Came the opportunity with Major Floor Care, I was impressed with John’s desire to educate the people that work for him with continuing education courses and encouraging us to get our certifications. Also, John’s desire to educate his clients thru his monthly newsletter, a client pack at the time of service and helping answer his client’s questions anytime they would call him. He also has this desire for thorough client satisfaction that goes along with his bold statement “We Offer the Most Thorough Cleaning Ever or it’s Free!” John said he wouldn’t hire me unless I was fully committed to helping our clients get the most sparkling clean floors and upholstery that they had ever seen. I liked that! Finally, a business owner, just like my father, someone who believes in true outstanding customer service, courtesy and professionalism.

As I sit here writing this, reflecting on the past 14 years since I became associated with Major Floor Care. I am very pleased with my decision to join Major Floor Care. Working with Major Floor Care clients has kept me excited and energized in both my business and personal life. There is a great satisfaction in helping an outstanding group of clients, everyone has been Gracious and Kind, which helps me to be eager to be the best that I can be. Thank you all.

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